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LMT-HR Series

LMT-HR Series

With our unique optical design and alignment technology, the LMT-HR Series offer best solution for the analogue memory semiconductors' fuse cutting.

Made-in-Japan parts are adopted for the major parts (such as laser light source, optical system, and stage etc.) to ensure stable supply.
The size request from 4~12 inches can be accommodated.
Our unique optical design and alignment technology enabled ultra-accurate trimming accuracy. The defective wires on the semiconductor wafer can be cut and the fuses within the IC chips can be trimmed to adjust the resistance.

Example process

Example of laser processing

東麗工程株式會社(Toray Engineering Corporation)是總部位於日本的綜合性工程及自動化生產設備製造公司,其業務包括生產和銷售用於平板顯示器及半導體生產的自動化生產檢測設備及各種製造業使用的檢測與監控儀器等。Toray 旗下INSPECTRA系列AOI在提供超高精度的晶圓表面缺陷全自動檢測的同時, 具有速度快,穩定度高的特點。此外,TORAY INSPECTRA AOI對Bumping, Sawn Wafer 等製程提供有效並獨特的檢測方案。Toray 還提供業內高精度的TCB/FC設備,用於chip to wafer/ substrate的 高精度die bonding solution。 同時,Toray可以提供客戶不同應用的設備,FC/TCB bonder有不同精度速率和設備來達到客戶不同的需求。