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AIOLOS - Wafer level test handler for environmental sensors

Wafer level test handler for environmental sensors with with physical stimulus Vacuum probing, pressure probing, gas probing, humidity probing - AIOLOS is solution for these and much more.

Very high UPH capacity and the lowest cost of test (COT)

AIOLOS has a unique automatic precision wafer prober placed inside chamber. Vacuum, pressure, humidity or gas stimulus is applied to whole wafer and wafer can be probed in stabile environment. Closed chamber with controlled humidity is perfect solution for temperature probing and lightless chamber can be utilized in testing of photonics in wafer level.

AIOLOS is a solution for wafer level testing of pressure and environmental sensors, on bare wafer or on blue tape after dicing.

AIOLOS stimulus options for environmental sensors

  • Pressure stimulus options
  • Humidity
  • Gases (on request)
  • Temperature

With multiple touch-down method AIOLOS produces high capacity.

Wafer sizes up to 8” are applicable.


芬蘭商AFORE專注提供晶圓級(Wafer level)MEMS IC測試方案,提供low invest cost,和高UPH方案。AFORE已經得到眾多國際知名MEMS廠商品質驗證通過,可以實現加速計,陀螺儀,TPMS,環境和氣體等不同的MEMS IC測試。為了提供Lab級研發和小批量測試,AFORE經過多年完成了實驗室機台的METIS 。