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The MT6133 Memory Test System is a next-generation memory test system for evaluation analysis and mass production. MT6133 is developed to support various types of memory devices for 300mm wafer lines while significantly improving cost performance.


Basic Specifications

Maximum operating frequency: 444 MHz/ 888 Mbps

Overall timing accuracy: ±300ps, DRV/CMP ±150ps  

Maximum number of parallel DUTs: 1536(* 2bit type)/ TH

Test Head: 2 units (Each test head is capable of measuring a different device.)

Device to measured: DRAM, SRAM, PSRAM, Flash, MCP, hybrid memory ASIC

※ In case of 'E' option: Specification of RDC is upgraded to 32RDC.


YIK Corporation, found in 1933 and headquartered in Seongnam, South Korea, is one of the best memory test system providers in the world. YIKC provides memory test systems for evaluation analysis and mass production applications, and is known for its performance, productivity and reliability. YIKC owns high market share of memory tester in South Korea, and is key strategic partner with Samsung.