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Vertical Probe Card

Vertical Probe Card


It is used for high-efficiency (high density, high number of DUTs under test) in the wafer mass production stage.

【VC Features】

  • Advanced Bendable Probe (Cobra)
  • Pad and DUT for different objects to be tested
  • Arrangement.
  • Customized different Space Transformers
  • Meet different types of needs.

【VS Features】

  • Applied to WLCSP products.
  • With pogo pins, there is a high overload
  • current and frequency.
  • Installation and maintenance are simple.
  • Total customization.

【VM Features】

  • The MEMS probe structure has the preload assembly performance, which can maintain excellent stability and very low test scratch on the wafer test of Cu-pillar or Al Pad. In very narrow-pitch wafer testing, only very small scratch marks are produced, which effectively increases durability and reduces the frequency of needle changes.
  • Very suitable for high pin count (~30kpins/card), high current and high test requirements.

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