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SRS30V Fluxless Reflow System

SRS30V Fluxless Reflow System

SRS30V Fluxless Reflow System


  • Fluxless/Flux(Lead free) reflow for solder bump ball, CU pillar & micro bump
  • Vacuum reflow system(Model : SRS30V))


  • Void-free bump ball connection
  • Void-free bump ball performance
  • Vacuum reflow system by dry pump(~3mTorr)
  • Various temp. profile(Step & Slope type)
  • Outstanding O2 density control(〈1ppm) at every process : to improve process quality

Foot Print

  • Foot print : 2,350*2,520*2,800(W*H*D)
  • Temp. control : 250℃±1%(Max. 450℃)
    Real time monitoring of process wafer temp.
  • Process gas : Formic acid or no reactant gas
  • Process pressure : Low pressure(Model : SRS30V)
    Normal pressure(Model : SRS300).
  • EFEM(2 or 3 port) : SEMI Standards.


STI produces advanced CCSS (Central Chemical Supply System) equipment and wet process equipment (Cleaner / Developer / Etcher / Stripper) for Semiconductor and FPD industry. Besides CCSS and wet process, STI’s product range also includes special LCD, inkjet, reflow and wet blast system. STI is leading the CCSS business in Korea and many customers recognize STI's technical competitiveness.