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SoC / Logic IC Probe Card

SoC / Logic IC Probe Card


It is used for system integration and testing of logic-like small-sized Pad chip wafers. It can detect Multi-DUT at the same time, reduce the test cost, and can be used for Digital, Analog, Mixed signal and other products.


  • High stability for contact with aluminum pad.
  • Application Features Multi-DUT adopts Diagonal or Shelf structure, which can reduce the test cost.
  • Supports narrow spacing.
  • Short delivery time and low cost.

Shenzhen DGT Technology Co., Ltd.  is located in Shenzhen, the first city of China's reform and opening up, where there are many technology companies. Dougter Technology Co., Ltd. (DGT) focuses on the design, manufacture and maintenance of probe cards for testing such as semiconductor wafer (IC) testing, LCD screen testing, DRAM testing and other testing probe cards. Sales of needles and LED spot styli.