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【Boffotto】P03Q-6LS Plasma

【Boffotto】P03Q-6LS Plasma

P03Q-6LS Plasma

P03Q series plasma processing system allows efficient vacuum plasma processing of different types of electronic parts and components. With configurable electrode combination, the system can perform single-layer treatment or treatment using combined magazine-electrodes for mass production.


  • 13.56 MHz RF power supply with automatic network matcher

  • Electrode tray removable to adapt to products of different shapes

  • Replaceable electrodes,including replaceable magazines

  • Extremely small footprint

  • Stainless steel shell and chamber for dust-free requirements.



  • Removing organic pollutants

  • Removing fluorine and other halogen pollution

  • Removing metals and metal oxides

  • Improving adhesive force of spin coated film

  • Cleaning metal bonding pads

  • Cleaning up contamination before wafer bumping

Boffotto (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 1993, is a R & D technology from the United States 30 years ion, engaged in system development and manufacture of ion etching cleaning company, and in expanding the use of plasma industry, to develop moreplasma applications. We are a comprehensive collection of board professional and technical personnel and culture of Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong company. In addition to the provision of plasma processing equipment, we also provide a full line of equipment for the production of FPC required more customers to provide free professional advice, such as plant layout, staff training, pre-production process counseling.

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