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NEOPLACE MODULA - Mass Production Test Handler for MEMS


  • High flexibility for different MEMS stimulus and input/output media
  • Scalable Multisite and Maximizing throughput 
  • Dynamic multi temperature solution for environmental sensors full calibration with a single insertion
  • Suitable for high SNR microphone testing 



OSAI A.S. was founded in 1991. In 2011 Osai A.S. decided to use its experience to enter the semiconductor market.

OSAI can be considered as a provider of mass production systems, whose essential parameters are speed, precision and reliability for semiconductor customers all over the world.

Today, in addition to the Italian headquarter, OSAI has 3 branches located in Germany, China and the United States of America. The branches are assisted by more than 50 commercial partners for resale and assistance, able to guarantee rapid and efficient global support