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METIS - Motion simulator for sensor and end product testing

METIS is a motion simulator for sensor and end system level testing. 

Configurable design allows you to create system you need!
 - 1-axis rate table for gyro testing
 - 2-axis unit for 6DOF accelerometer and gyroscope testing
 - 3-axis Gimbal system for simultaneus Yaw, Pitch and Roll stimulus.

Multiple tooling and measuring instrument options give benefits in numerous applications:
 - Motion sensor R&D
 - Sensor post assembly calibration in production
 - Human motion simulation in IoT and Virtual Reality device software development


AFORE is a pioneer in MEMS test equipment industry and offers a range of advanced test solutions for MEMS devices, including the world's only commercial Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP) MEMS test solution for motion sensors. Afore's solutions are used in MEMS development ad manufacturing in the automotive, industrial, and consumer sectors in Europe, USA and Japan. Afore was founded in 1995 and serves its global customers from its headquarters in Lieto, Finland.