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WBG-Stress Analysis

WBG-Stress Analysis


  • Principle: Using a 532nm wavelength laser, the result of stress is obtained by obtaining the gap between atoms inside the object.
  • Uses: Stress detection of SiC substrates and compound semiconductor related substrates, so that defects within a depth of 360 microns in a 5cm*5cm area can be detected, and three-dimensional and deep patterns can be generated.
  • Advantage: For the current situation where the existing machine cannot detect the tension and pressure inside the material, it may cause defects in the subsequent process. The advantage of JADEMAT-WBG-SA compared to the X-ray XRT pattern is that it can confirm the type of stress and the existence of defects Therefore, the occurrence of defects and the causes of sub-defects can be prevented in advance.
  • Application: R&D and testing of compound semiconductor materials such as SiC substrates, SiC epitaxy and GaN epitaxy

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