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Wafer Inspection System "INSPECTRA®" Series

Wafer inspection system

Highest speed in the industry
INSPECTRA® series meet the requests of 100% automatic inspection with high speed and high specifications from front-end to back-end of semiconductor processing.
INSPECTRA® series are wafer inspection systems with high speed and high sensitivity.
Our original "Die-to-Statistical-Image" comparison method achieves the target defects detection controlling process variation and overkill.


Established in 1960, Toray Engineering starts with production equipment for Toray Group, manufacturing AOI and inspection equipment and instruments for FPD and semiconductor industry. Its INSPECTRA series is featured for high accuracy, fast, and stability, and is great solution for bumping and swan wafer. Meanwhile, high accuracy TCB/FC equipment of Torays’ are broadly adopted for chip-to-wafer / substrate die-bonding solution. According to various customer demands, Toray provides different equipment and application, but the same advantages and strength.