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i-Operator (Model : iO-5)

i-Operator (Model : iO-5)

i-Operator (Model : iO-5)

Robots play a key role in moving towards smart manufacturing. 

iO-5 offers a mobile robot solution using a safe, 6-axis collaborative robot arm at 5kg payload.

iO-5 navigates by itself through a digital map.  It does not require magnetic tape track, and does its own path planning.  Using a central control platform and a user-friendly interface, iO-5 provides an excellent automated delivery solution for enterprises.


  • Self navigation, auto path planning
  • No magnetic tape track needed
  • Automatic obstacles avoidance.  Automatic new path identification if path is being blocked
  • Dynamic path planning
  • Remote monitoring
  • Automatic charging

CASTEC was founded in March 2005, specialized in equipment manufacturing and committed to the development, design and manufacture of automation equipment. We have an excellent team of R&D engineers. Our product applications cover traditional manufacturing, hospitals, semiconductor, footwear and bio-technology.  Our products are customized according to customers' requirement, regardless of design, planning or system integration, to maximize both the output and yield. 

CASTEC is one of the best performing suppliers in Taiwan. Company's  operation is stable and growing, profit increasing over the years. We value every employee, and provide them with a good working environment, as well as a space to learn and grow.