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CIS(CMOS Image Sensor) Probe Card

CIS(CMOS Image Sensor) Probe Card


Active pixel sensor chip testing for high-end tablet and smartphone lenses.


  • Our company has developed a cantilevered vertical structure detachable probe head, which is easy to maintain.
  • The custom design ensures the light source opening required for the image sensor.
  • Reduce test costs and improve test efficiency through simultaneous testing of multiple DUTs
  • Low slippage prevents aluminum chips from flying away.
  • Wide test temperature range (from low to high temperature).
  • support high frequencies.

Shenzhen DGT Technology Co., Ltd.  is located in Shenzhen, the first city of China's reform and opening up, where there are many technology companies. Dougter Technology Co., Ltd. (DGT) focuses on the design, manufacture and maintenance of probe cards for testing such as semiconductor wafer (IC) testing, LCD screen testing, DRAM testing and other testing probe cards. Sales of needles and LED spot styli.