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Photon Materials Test

Photon Materials Test


  • Principle: The optical signal is converted into an electrical signal output by a photomultiplier tube.
  • Purpose: It can measure the intensity of light, convert it into an electrical signal, intercept the value of the position, and obtain the distribution data of image intensity.
  • Advantages: With the customer's test system, the PMT has large-scale photosensitive; various detection bands from ultraviolet to visible light; good packaging, no noise interference; high-frequency circuit design, no signal distortion
  • Applications: Bioluminescence imaging, material fluorescence measurement, light-emitting components

Southport Co. was established in August 2014. The founding team gathered talents from cross fields such as optics, materials, physics, and information, introducing novel optical design concepts in optical engineering.Based on the two core technologies of 5D microscopy and digital optics, Southport has introduced brand-new optics concepts and technologies into four key application areas: advanced material analysis, biomedical imaging, microstructure and transparent material inspection, and digital optics. Southport is committed to focusing on solving critical problems for R&D, relieving the pains in practices for facilitating innovation. Through integrating the knowledge of light, mechanics, electronics, and software, incorporated with modular and digital design genes, and further combined with our knowledge and experiences, Southport is ready to provide the cutting-edge optical tools needed by academia and industry.