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WBG-3D Analysis for Defect and Depth of Defect

WBG-3D Analysis for Defect and Depth of Defect


  • Principle: Using the principle of nonlinear optics, laser (infrared light) penetrates the material to receive and measure the reflected visible light signal, so that the internal situation of a specific depth can be obtained to achieve the purpose of internal detection (limited to materials with semi-transparent characteristics, too thick Metal cannot be measured)
  • Uses: In the case of non-destructive samples, 3D analysis can be performed for the Micro pipe, BPD and defects below the lattice surface of the SiC substrate, and the results of laser hidden cutting can be detected.
  • Advantages: Internal defects can be found early, reducing costs and causing component failures, and can analyze the distribution of Micro Pipes on the YZ axis.
  • Application: SiC substrate and epitaxial manufacturing; SiC components; GaN components

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