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3001XP Series

3001XP Series


AMIDA has launched two new analog/mixed signal and logic options-AMIDA-3001XP and AMIDA-3KS test systems in the AMIDA-3000 series in recent years. All two reinforce the ability of the AMIDA-3000 series to provide cost-optimized test solutions for power management and action device components in a variety of consumer components.
The AMIDA – 3000 Series provides more than twice times the number of analog channels for each test system's modules, resulting in a significant reduction in the acquisition cost per channel, resulting in an increase in the number of analog channels across the test system by more than one more. This allows the system to have a higher number of parallel tests and competency levels, and also makes the IC unit testing cost of this tester lower and more efficient. This series of test systems provides a combination of powerful test requirements for high-speed hardware and software integration capabilities.
AMIDA-3001XP tester built-in real-time protocol detection function, in addition to simplifying the complexity and difficulty of test development, but also to use its high-speed computing power to significantly shorten the test time of 30% ~ 100%.


• High Accuracy-0.05% Basic Accuracy

• High Resolution-16 bits (Force, Measure)

• High Throughput

• High Reliability

• Floating Ground System

• Analog Per Pin Source

• Low Noise Technology

• Direct Mount And Cable Mount

• Dedicated A/D & Read Simultaneously

• Dedicated Event Process Unit

• Low Per Unit Cost

• Low Cost Tester

• 160 Analog channel

• 256 Digital channel

• Easy Maintain

• Easy Programming & Operation

• 32 sites Parallel Testing Capability

• Multi-site/Multi-testing program

• Auto – Calibration

• Quick Diagnosis

• Auto-temperature Detection and Power Control

Targeted Applications

(1)Analog Devices: • Regulator • DC/DC • OP-Amp • PWM • LDO • Comparator • Transistor • Motor driver • LED driver • Inverter • Switch • Audio-Amp • MOSFET • Power-Amp • Resistor array • Battery Protect • Diodes array • Hall Senior • PFM • Converter • Detector      

(2)Mixed Signal / Digital / RF Devices:

• A/D, D/A • MCU • FPGA • Standard Logic
• RFID • PA • RF Switch • Telecom
• Remote Controller • Display Driver • Voice/Music • Video Processor
• Panel Controller • Resistor array • Keyboard/Mouse Controller


With "semiconductor test instruments and system technology development" AMIDA Technology, Inc., since its establishment in 2002, because of a wealth of equipment and system design experience of the technical team, as well as excellent marketing and customer service enthusiasm, to provide its customers with the best testing solutions. In addition to the high-quality analog IC test machine (AMIDA-1000 Tester), which has been developed on its own, AMIDA technology is also moving towards the "mixed signal measurement" field, and its system functions in the same grade equipment, in addition to a relatively wide range of testing, high stability, fast testing speed, and strong measurement ability, the price of its system is extremely advantageous, As a result, domestic and foreign customers praise and recognition.