Wet Blaster System

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Wet Blast

Wet Blast

Wet Blast


  • Removal of edge glue on TSV bonded wafer
  • Removal of glue on TSV carrier wafer
  • Full-cut process for TSV bonded wafer
  • Glass edge end polishing and reinforcement(LCD / OLED)


  • No chipping/cracking on TSV device wafer
  • Process simplify(Edge partial cutting, cleaning process)
  • Control of removal rate by vision system(National project)
  • Cost reduction compared to mechanical process
  • Lower operation cost than mechanical process


  • Foot print : 1,900*2,300*2,650(W*H*D, mm)
  • Tact time : UPEH > 8 wafer
  • Slurry material : Resin / SiC
  • Removal area : Bevel top/ Side / Bottom


STI 是总部位于韩国的面板及半导体设备制造公司,其产品包含中央化学供酸系统、湿制程设备、OLED喷墨打印机、Foup清洗机和应用于半导体晶圆级封装(Wafer Level Package)制程的真空回焊设备, 湿式喷砂机, 以及面板级封装(Panel Level Package)制程用湿制程设备等产品。STi成立20年来, 产品深获客户信赖, 客户遍及台湾、中国、 韩国、日本,东南亚以及其它欧美系客户。