Thermal Emission Microscope THEMOS Series

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Thermal F1

Thermal F1

Thermal F1

The "Thermal F1" is the next generation in thermal emission microscopy. Completely redesigned from the ground up by the same engineers responsible for the PHEMOS, the F1 features an automated microscope stage, best-in-class sensitivity, high frame rate lock-in thermography, and the ability to cover a wide range of devices from die-level to board-level fault isolation.


High sensitivity
Custom designed low-noise InSb camera with thermal lock-in achieves world class sensitivity

Covering the ideal thermal emission range from 3.7 μm to 5.2 μm, the Stirling cooled thermal emission camera seamlessly integrates with a lock-in amplifier to reduce noise and pinpoint thermal emissions.

Wide field of view

Automated stitching function allows for board-level field of view (FOV)
Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the automated microscope stage movement combines with software image stitching function to cover an area much larger than is possible with a single objective lens.

Multi analysis target

Flexible selection of sample stage
A large area accommodating many probing stage form factors allows users to choose a stage with the best work flow and probing set-up for each labs' custom needs.


  • Metal shorts
  • Abnormal via resistance
  • Dielectric leakage or breakdown
  • Temperature distribution on the device


Line voltage AC200 V to 240 V ±10 % (50 Hz/60 Hz)
Vacuum More than 80 kPa (Tube with outer diameter 6 mm) for prober
Compressed air 0.5 MPa to 0.7 MPa (Tube with outer diameter 6 mm)
Dimension and weight(Main unit) 960 mm×980 mm×1800 mm, Approx. 500 kg
Dimension and weight(Operation PC desk) 1000 mm×800 mm×700 mm, Approx. 60 kg