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METIS - Motion simulator for sensor and end product testing

METIS is a motion simulator for sensor and end system level testing. 

Configurable design allows you to create system you need!
 - 1-axis rate table for gyro testing
 - 2-axis unit for 6DOF accelerometer and gyroscope testing
 - 3-axis Gimbal system for simultaneus Yaw, Pitch and Roll stimulus.

Multiple tooling and measuring instrument options give benefits in numerous applications:
 - Motion sensor R&D
 - Sensor post assembly calibration in production
 - Human motion simulation in IoT and Virtual Reality device software development



芬兰商AFORE专注提供Wafer level 级MEMS IC测试方案,提供low invest cost,和高UPH方案。已经得到众多国际知名MEMS厂商质量验证通过,可以实现加速计,陀螺仪,TPMS,环境和气体等不同的MEMS IC测试。为了提供Lab级研发和小批量测试,AFORE经过多年完成了实验室机台的METIS 。