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KRONOS - Wafer level test handler for 6/9DOF sensors

Very high UPH capacity and the lowest cost of test (COT)

KRONOS is one of the only wafer level test solutions for motion sensors with real stimulus.

KRONOS has a unique wafer prober mechanics placed on a 2-axes turning unit.  Sturdy prober structure enables stepping in any orientation or during rotation without losing accuracy. With Magnetic Stimulus unit integrated into the probe card KRONOS can test 9DOF sensors.

KRONOS is a solution for wafer level testing of accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers, on bare wafer or on blue tape after dicing.

Wafer sizes up to 8” are applicable.



芬兰商AFORE专注提供Wafer level 级MEMS IC测试方案,提供low invest cost,和高UPH方案。已经得到众多国际知名MEMS厂商质量验证通过,可以实现加速计,陀螺仪,TPMS,环境和气体等不同的MEMS IC测试。为了提供Lab级研发和小批量测试,AFORE经过多年完成了实验室机台的METIS 。