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FC3000W series

FC3000W series


Flip chip bonder (for Chip on Wafer)
Capable of stacking application in various programs for handling 3D packaging.
Can be used in various work processes such as flux, NCP, NCF, and Cu pillars.


  • Able to handle 12-inch wafers.
  • A variety of temperature, pressure, and height profile settings are possible due to its own unique ceramic heater, and control method for pressure and position.
  • Able to achieve high accuracy (±2 μm) with its moving search function and highly stiff frame.
  • Able to achieve the most appropriate gap with its unique head gap control function.
  • Can be used for low pressure to high pressure regions by changing over the head.

Optional functions

Ultra-low pressure head; face up unit; dispenser; flux; bonding inspection unit; upper communication, etc.

东丽工程株式会社(Toray Engineering Corporation)是总部位于日本的综合性工程及自动化生产设备制造公司,其业务包括生产和销售用于平板显示器及半导体生产的自动化生产检测设备及各种制造业使用的检测与监控仪器等。Toray 旗下INSPECTRA系列AOI在提供超高精度的晶圆表面缺陷全自动检测的同时, 具有速度快,稳定度高的特点。此外,TORAY INSPECTRA AOI对Bumping, Sawn Wafer 等制程提供有效并独特的检测方案。Toray 还提供业内高精度的TCB/FC设备,用于chip to wafer/ substrate的 高精度die bonding solution。 同时,Toray可以提供客户不同应用的设备,FC/TCB bonder有不同精度速率和设备来达到客户不同的需求。