Wafer inspection system

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 "INSPECTRA®" Series


  • Features

Overwhelming high-speed

inspection performance

Inspection speed is 1.5 times faster than SR Series in high-resolution inspection.

Various lineup of optical

systems are available

BF/DF/DIC/Special Optics

Inspection tools

Various kind of data input/output, Inspection result analysis system, Recipe sharing        

Correspond to Special Wafer 

Thin wafer/Warped wafer, Panel inspection

  • Specification 

Applicable wafer size     

(Size) 2 – 12 inch, (Type) Si, Compound wafer, Glass etc.                                                              

Target defect size

>0.5 um


>200 WPH

  • Application

Power device

Front and backside inspection, Carrying control system of special wafer, Special optics etc.      

CMOS image sensor       

BF/DF/DIC, PAD inspection etc.

Analog device

BF/DF/DIC, High resolution inspection


The corporate philosophy of the Toray Group is contributing to society through the creation of new values.

TASMIT, a member of Toray Engineering Group, executes this corporate philosophy with the aim of becoming a company that is highly valued by all of its stakeholders including customers, shareholders and employees.

To do this, TASMIT will contribute to solving social issues through its business and implement the idea of Creating Shared Value (CSV), which combines social values with corporate values.

TASMIT promises to provide effective solutions for the semiconductor device manufacturing with our two core technologies: optical wafer inspection "Inspectra" and electron wafer pattern inspection "NGR".